Hironori Craig H Aoyama

Hironori Craig H Aoyama

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First Name * Hironori
Last Name * Craig H Aoyama
Username * Aoyama-Craig
Country * USA
City Charlotte
Nationality American/Japanese
Languages English


Current Position Artist;Designer;Director;Matte Painter;QA / Tester
Areas of Expertise Digital PaintingGames ConsoleGames MobileLandscape DesignPre ProductionSculptureillustration
Preferred Tools Art DirectionCharacter designCharactersIllustrationMatte PaintingPhotoshopTexturingXBOX 360StoryboardingPainterGameDesignConcept art


Availability: Freelance


Since the latter years of my college experience I've been used by various "startup" companies to produce the best art I can for almost no pay and I'd like for that to change. I've smartened up through the years and now realize my worth. I understand that smaller companies need reasonable artists that won't take money and run and I'd very much like to meet an employer who can pay me respectfully for what I do. I'm very inexpensive as I ONLY ask for what I require to live (and I afford myself no luxuries, I assure you) and I definitely know what it means to meet a deadline.

My only quirk is that for the next year or so I must remain where I am in Savannah, GA as I am waiting for someone to graduate so that they may move with me wherever I may go. I'm very good at long distance correspondence, I have a webcam, a microphone, a skype account, a cel phone, email and a variety of instant messengers and I'm always available.

I consider myself a very competent conveyor of ideas and I really enjoy drawing animals and characters and armored things. If you would like to talk art and swap inspirations or employ me, I will be very happy to meet you. I'm extremely flexible in what I do draw as I can go from technical, scientific illustration to manga comics, funnies or charicatures. I would also like to offer my abilities as a 3d texture artist as I've published several mobile titles (two of which were the highest selling to date) and am very enthusiastic about learning more about anything.